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Issever's brands serve customers in different sectors and each has a unique identity in its own field. These brands, which consist of industry leaders, are recognised for their innovative approach and quality products and services. We continue to work to gain the trust of our customers and meet their needs.

What is Issever Apps?

Issever Apps operates as a company specialising in software development. They produce customised software solutions to meet the needs of their clients. These solutions can often include web applications, mobile applications, database management and other customised software projects.

Software Development Services

Issever Apps offers its customers a wide range of software development services. These services include custom software development, enhancement of existing software systems, project management and software consultancy. They provide solutions tailored to customers' business requirements and goals.

Customer Oriented Approach

Issever Apps works by taking into account the needs and priorities of its customers. It develops a special strategy for each project and communicates closely with its customers during the project process. This approach aims to ensure the successful completion of projects and maximise customer satisfaction.

Technological Expertise

Issever Apps works with a team that follows the latest technology and specialises in a wide range of technologies. They have deep knowledge and experience in areas such as web and mobile development, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, database management. In this way, they offer customised software solutions that will provide customers with a competitive advantage.

What is Issever Energy?

Issever Energy is a company operating in the energy sector. Its main purpose is to generate energy and provide energy efficiency solutions by utilising sustainable energy sources.

Energy Production and Distribution

Issever Energy generates energy from various energy sources and distributes this energy to consumer and industrial customers. These sources can include solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy and other renewable energy sources.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

Issever Energy attaches great importance to the principles of sustainability and environmental awareness in energy generation and distribution processes. It tries to reduce its carbon footprint by focusing on renewable energy sources and takes various measures to minimise environmental impacts.

Energy Efficiency and Consultancy Services

Issever Energy provides energy efficiency consultancy services to its customers. These services are designed to save energy, optimise energy consumption and reduce costs. They offer customised solutions to best meet customers' energy needs.

What is Issever Property?

Issever Real Estate is a company operating in the real estate sector. Its core business is to provide real estate services such as buying and selling, leasing and real estate consultancy.

Property Purchase-Sale and Leasing

Issever Real Estate provides clients with buying, selling and leasing services on residential properties, commercial properties, land and other types of real estate. These services help clients explore a variety of properties to meet their property needs.

Property Consultancy and Valuation

Issever Real Estate provides consultancy services to clients when investing in real estate or evaluating their existing properties. It also specialises in property valuation and market analysis.

Investment Opportunities and Portfolio Management

Issever Real Estate presents potential investment opportunities to its clients and helps them manage their property portfolios effectively. They offer expert advice to provide clients with the best returns.

What is Issever Law?

Issever Law is a law firm operating in the field of law. Its main purpose is to help its clients solve their legal needs by providing legal counselling, litigation, contract drafting and other legal services.

Legal Advice and Consultancy Services

Issever Law provides legal advice to its clients on legal matters. This service covers various legal issues such as labour law, real estate law, family law, criminal law, intellectual property law. They guide clients on their legal rights and responsibilities.

Litigation and Legal Representation

Issever Law pursues litigation on behalf of its clients and provides legal representation in courts. They fight to resolve legal disputes and defend their clients in legal proceedings.

Contract Preparation and Review

Issever Law provides legal contract drafting and review services to clients. They provide expertise to ensure that contracts are legally valid and protective.

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